Mohd Danish

Hey 👋, I'm Mohd Danish Yusuf and I'm 26y old Front-end Engineer, I build s,,,, & Open Source Developer, Tech Writer, Foodie 🍳

Build Personal Blog with GitHub Repository

This is the best project I have done and the best use of the GitHub Repository. So, I'm building my blog with the Gatsby theme plugin and GitHub issues system as CMS.

Top 5 Open Source Libraries to Scrape Website Data

Scraping website data is like a magic trick that lets you extract web data without having to copy and paste. It can all be done through some lines of code if you know basic Python syntax.

How I’m Building Products with Zero Dollars.

Today I finished the development of my 3rd project of this year that is without investing any amount into servers and marketing.

Story: My First Product shipped on ProductHunt

I was following an open source GitHub repository of a well know Developer Expert toddmotto. this repository is a collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.

Story: My First Contribution to an Open Source Project

I’ve been working on my company project that is a dashboard where data is scattered into the form of charts, graph and some cool interaction when end user lands on the dashboard.

Setup git and use with GitHub

Today I am writing about git that how setup git and how this will helpful in development. we will use GitHub to show you demo how to use git with